Spiritual Vision

Rebirth of the consciousness of your divine spark


Custodians of human identity and experiences

In the Damanhurian vision, the popoli (peoples) are the custodians of human identity and experience. A popolo (people) is an entity that-based on ties of ethnicity, culture, history, language, and so on-gives rise to a larger collective "being" who contains all the talents and aspirations of its components throughout time.

In the course of human history, the notion of the "state" has become predominant. From the perspective of human evolution, the concept of the popolo-which extends beyond the political manipulation that is so frequent in our times-is the main reference point for harmonious progress. A strong collective identity generates the ability to appreciate diversity in all its forms. So, for example, in a world where the popoli are fully acknowledged, racism would not exist.

A popolo comes into full existence when those who belong to it identify with its values, through awareness and the will to express something unique. It is not by chance that Damanhurians consider themselves to be a Popolo Spirituale, one that came into being by the citizens' experimenting with true freedom of choice.

The next phase of the Temples of Humankind will be the Temple of Peoples, dedicated to the minority popoli of the planet. It will offer a specially dedicated space for them to meet.

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