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Sacred Language and Sacred Dance

An ancient language in sound, symbol and movement

The Sacred Language introduced by Falco Tarassaco is a form of language based on phonetic pronunciation, ideogrammatic symbols and movement. According to Falco's teachings, this archetypal language dates back to an era when humankind had mastery over the deep meanings and values of life. In one mythical interpretation, this Sacred Language was spoken by humans prior to the city of Babel as written about in the Bible’s Book of Genesis.

Every concept in the Sacred Language is expressed in three forms that all carry the same meaning: as an ideogram, a spoken word and a Sacred Dance movement. The language can be written, drawn, spoken, sung and danced.

In Damanhur, where this language is studied, it is widely used for composing songs. It is also included as decorative elements in the halls of the Temples of Humankind and other prayer halls on Damanhur lands. Sacred Dance is often part of ritual celebrations and is also present in community dances.

Many symbols in the Damanhur Sacred Language, or other similar sacred languages, can be traced back to various ancient alphabets, which supports Falco's message about the ancient origins of this language.

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