Spiritual Vision

Rebirth of the consciousness of your divine spark

School of Meditation

School of Meditation, to know the divinity within

Damanhur's primary spiritual teachings are outlined and taught through its School of Meditation. Its areas of experience and research - the Course of Meditation and the Path to Spiritual Freedom - are open to everyone around the world, without a cost, because the knowledge that is accessed cannot be monetized.
The Course of Meditation - which is a direct path to the heart of Falco Tarassaco's teachings - involves the activation of a direct relationship with the forces of the
spiritual ecosystem through an initiation. In the first meetings, the meaning of life is explored, as well as the laws and forces that govern the universe. The research then takes on a chosen direction through Spiritual Ways - six specific pathways to express spirituality in practice, according to one's personal characteristics and preferences.
The Path to Spiritual Freedom is a pathway that is guided toward the reawakening personal consciousness, for developing a connection with the forces of the spiritual ecosystem. In Falco Tarassaco's vision, an authentic spiritual pathway leads to the awakening of the master within each one of us, which happens when one is open to the help that we can give and receive from others. The pathway takes place with regular meditations offered by instructors and by the people themselves, to explore and define the colors of their own spirituality.
The School of Meditation teaches us to not delegate our personal spiritual evolution to someone outside of ourselves. This is why Meditation is seen as a way of daily life, a pathway in which the School can last a lifetime if one so desires.


A language that opens communication with the spiritual realm

At Damanhur, rituals are the language through which we communicate with all the forms of intelligent life that inhabit the spiritual ecosystem, that is, the non-material dimension of existence.
There are Great Rituals connected to the rhythms of nature, such as the Solstices and Equinoxes, where we celebrate union with nature and the divine forces, and the Commemoration of the Dead, during which we open a door to the Beyond and remember all those who have passed. There are also simple daily rituals, such as contact with the plant world through the salutation of a tree when you enter the territory of the various Damanhur nucleo communities, or food purification before each meal, which serves to put each person's frequency in tune with the food so that it nourishes the physical body, as well as the other subtle or energetic bodies.
Damanhur has six specific pathways called Spiritual Ways, and each one has a certain ritual practice in connection with elements related to the different functions of the Ways. There is also a personal ritual practice that help to focus one's energy toward goals that are determined by the Initiates themselves.
All Damanhurians are officiates of their own rituals, because each Initiate has a direct relationship with the divine forces of the spiritual ecosystem.
Dancing, singing, music and drumming are an integral part of Damanhurian rituals, along with words, symbols and gestures in Damanhur's archetypal Sacred Language, which is also used in its form of Sacred Art.

Everyday Spirituality

The Ways: Fields of interest within the School of Meditation

The Spirituals Ways are groups within the School of Meditation where every Initiate develops specific points of interest, according to their aspirations and talents. The Spiritual Ways complement the general path of Meditation and lay the foundation for individual enlightenment by exercising the qualities of each person, because there are as many ways of being as there are Initiates, in order to reach the same spiritual objective.
Through Spiritual Ways, we put into practice the Damanhurian spiritual principle that individual diversity is a source of spiritual wealth for the entire community.
Each Damanhurian chooses a main Spiritual Way - and if desired, a second one too - through which they deepen their research, both individually and in groups.
The Ways are a fundamental element, not only on the spiritual pathway of each person, but also in the way Damanhur is conducted - so much so that some functions of the Federation of Communities are delegated to the Ways themselves.
Currently, there are six Ways:
* The Way of the Monks and Esoteric Couples, chosen by those who (as singles or couples) wish to focus on how they contain and direct their vital energies.
* The Way of the Knights, which involves security and protection on the Damanhurian lands, as well as construction of the Temples.
* The Way of the Oracle, dedicated to deepening exploration of the ritual language.
* The Way of Art and Word, which involves the transmission of messages and refinement of the arts.
* The Way of Health which creates a pathway of growth through care and wellness.
* The Way of the Art of Work, which supports and promotes the development of activities and services.
Other minor ways, known as "Addresses," relate to education in the context of family and school, and food self-sufficiency and sustainability.

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