Spiritual Vision

Rebirth of the consciousness of your divine spark

Secular Spirituality
The Temple of Peoples

A space for dialog among distant cultures and traditions.

Damanhur is known worldwide for the Temples of Humankind, an underground work of art dedicated to harmony and beauty as an expression of free spirituality. We are currently adding another ambitious project: building the Temple of Peoples in a lime quarry that has been abandoned for sixty years, in an area that is close to the Temples of Humankind and adjacent to the Sacred Woods Temple in the area of Vidracco, Italy. The idea of dedicating a space to the culture and spiritual traditions of the peoples was proposed in 2005 by Falco Tarassaco, spiritual leader of Damanhur. The project is being developed and it calls for the complete environmental reclamation of the old mining site with the construction of a "Parliament of Peoples," a library dedicated to the culture, traditions and typical objects of indigenous peoples from around the world, with spaces for meditation and cultural activities, as well as areas for hospitality and wellness. Damanhurian philosophy gives great importance to the popoli, who are considered the custodians of our relationship with the planet, while the establishment of a Parliament of the Peoples intends to contribute to the encounter and exchange between superindividuals who are so important for humanity. After building the internal structures, the project includes full environmental recuperation, and with this, the intention to restore harmony to the expansive area of wooded hills. Works such as the Temples of Humankind and the Temple of Peoples are possible thanks to the contribution groups and individuals who feel an affinity with these projects and want to concretely support their realization through donations, as well as technical and specialized design collaborations.

The Open Temple

A sacred space dedicated to the question of spirituality

The Open Temple is located in Damjl, the first Damanhurian community ever built. It is characterized by eighteen columns in clay and two constructed in young stone, delimited between two altars, one dedicated to the Earth element and one dedicated to the Fire element. At one end of the Open Temple there is an amphitheater, in which a part of the ellipse represents an open-air theater. The complex "looks" directly to the sky, without being covered. The Open Temple is dedicated to the instinct in search of its "distant", divine roots, which is present in every human being. This instinct, which the Damanhurians define as "the sense of the divine", is what is answered in the spiritual, philosophical and religious paths traced by the peoples and spiritual seekers of every age. The Open Temple is dedicated to the question, which is universal, which is the premise of these answers, which are specific. The temple is therefore open to every possible reference, to every possible celebration coming from different traditions, and has often hosted ceremonies officiated by guests from afar. For the Damanhurians, it is the venue for the celebration of the full moon, the Oracle, which is held here every month, in the presence of guests and visitors. The theater at one end houses assemblies, moments of meeting, music and theater that mark (in the warm season) community life. It is also Damanhur's point where funeral ceremonies are held with the ashes of the Damanhurians, as a last greeting and wish for the new experience in which the person is moving forward.

Humans and Gods

Humans and Gods: different and similar at the same time

The Damanhurian philosophy puts human beings and gods on the same evolutionary path: the gods have different characteristics, although, like us, they are part of the very nature of the universe. The gods are part of the same ecosystem in which every intelligent being, human, spirit and divinity, realizes their evolution in relation to the evolution of others.
The belief that humanity has a divine origin influences our relationship with divinities. For Damanhurians, in a secular sense, this partnership is based on respect and exchange. Rituals are the language through which we communicate with divine forces, and not an act of submission or devotion in and of itself. In fact, the main objective of the initiation that takes place in the School of Meditation is to establish an alliance between humans and gods in order to support both on our evolutionary paths.
The reawakening of each person's divine origin can occur through spiritual paths that are very different from one another because at the center of spiritual exploration, we are individuals with great diversity. Damanhurians view this diversity as true wealth that we have at our disposal. Ultimately, though, growing, evolving and improving as human beings means one thing: continuously expanding our capacity of knowledge and empathy for life that surrounds us, in all its forms.
Damanhur's spiritual message is accessible to anyone who wishes to explore it more deeply. From the outset, Falco Tarassaco, founder and spiritual guide of Damanhur, has made his teachings available in courses and seminars, as well as through various writings and publications.

The Quesiti

8 steps for growth and change

The Quesiti are dynamic formulas, themes that can be used for meditation and also applied in everyday life. Their formulation is the result of the collective achievements of Damanhur, but each person can interpret them according to their own talents and characteristics.

The First Quesito emphasizes the importance of action and choice, to live life fully and with purity of intentions.

The Second Quesito calls for constancy and continuity, to give meaning and importance to choices that have been made, and it emphasizes the importance of keeping one's word.

The Third Quesito calls for a change in logic to welcome new visions of self, of life and of the sacred dimension of existence. This is the first step in creating a civilization and culture.

The Fourth Quesito, specifically feminine, encourages men and women to discover their feminine side, openness and availability and the profound awareness of representing a stable element of union.

The Fifth Quesito brings attention to the masculine energies present in each one of us, to the capacity to live in constant and harmonious inner revolution.

The Sixth Quesito invites us to unite the masculine and feminine principles within ourselves, to activate our power of creation, not only of life itself, but also of its representations through art and creativity, generosity and kindness.

The Seventh Quesito calls for the use of the doubt and adaptability as research tools to abandon all dogmas and certainties, to discover what is true inside of us, beyond appearances.

Finally, the Eighth Quesito invites projecting our attention towards others. It speaks of Love and teaching as instruments to transform the world around us; study as spiritual necessity; the irreversible choice of our own ideals, to achieve the reawakening of our divine principle and be "in the service to the world."

Popolo Superindividual

The Popolo as harmonious container of shared talents

Damanhurians define themselves as a Popolo, comprised of different ethnicities and cultures and united by shared ideals and forty years of life together. This strong collective identity has given rise to a complex and articulated social model based on solidarity, mutual trust and respect. Damanhur is one of the communities with the longest history currently existing on the planet.
At the root of the Damanhur spiritual vision is the understanding that you can achieve enlightenment only in connection with others. Moving closer to this goal deeply transforms each individual. Recognizing ourselves in others, learning to follow a common rhythm, to think together without losing our own individuality, on the contrary, valuing it even more, are the steps to accomplish what in Damanhur is called the "Superindividual."
This term indicates the capacity to unite together in love and mutual respect, to obtain a result that is greater than the simple sum of individual characteristics, to achieve dreams that would otherwise be impossible.
This shared path of refinement is in full swing at Damanhur, and it is currently the most important collective spiritual goal. Each Damanhurian is committed to offering the best parts of themselves in this process, with the idea that such a fusion is possible even amongst hundreds of people, as many as there are Damanhurians.
Anyone who wants to share in this spirit of research may join the Popolo Spirituale, which is an extension of the concept of the Damanhurian Popolo. The Popolo Spirituale represents the union of peoples from around the world in a new Popolo, connected to human, spiritual and universal values. Members of the Popolo Spirituale live all over the world, and some may practice philosophies and beliefs that are very different from those of Damanhur.

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