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Solstice and Equinox

Ancient rituals that celebrate the changing of the seasons

The ritual of marking the transition between seasons of the year has been carried out on all continents since the beginning of human history. At Damanhur, we consider the Equinoxes and Solstices to be particularly sacred times of the year.
The entire Damanhur community comes together to celebrate these important events inside large stone circles. During the days of the ritual, a fire is lit to represent the sun. During the Solstice, another second fire symbolizes the moon. The ritual is divided into three phases: lighting, culmination and extinguishing of the fire.
Damanhurians enter the circle wearing robes of varying colors, according to their seniority. They offer herbs to the fires, meditate, sing, and recite hymns and prayers composed by Damanhurians. Most phases of the rituals are accompanied by music and Sacred Dance.
Due to the increased number of Damanhurians in recent years, the rituals take place two or three times on different days to allow everyone to participate. These are joyful occasions, and guests are also welcome to join in by registering in advance at the Damanhur Welcome Office.

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