Spiritual Vision

Rebirth of the consciousness of your divine spark

Spiritual Physics
Investigating Reality

Observe reality in light of universal laws

Spiritual Physics observes the mechanisms that regulate life, events, and all the elements that contribute to the existence of the universe, through the lens of mystical vision and personal investigation. These principles and laws are explored by the method of exercising one's own senses and faculties; every researcher investigates and experiments, implements and corrects, opening new frontiers for understanding the reality in which we are immersed.
Spiritual Physics arises through a dialectical process inside Damanhur. Its language is dynamic and constantly evolving. Frequent meetings are held in which Damanhurians discuss and update each other on current hypotheses and findings. Sometimes "schools of thought" are developed that interpret the same principles from different vantage points, and discussion about these diverse perspectives generates further insights.
Some of the key topics are cosmology, the physics of space-time, the structure of matter and the laws that sustain the universe.
From the study of Spiritual Physics comes the technology used to intervene on synchronicity, on space and time, to intensify and amplify our perceptions and our sensitivity, and to maintain a healthy body.
Spiritual physics takes "the big picture" into account. It considers philosophical implications, the subtle ecosystem and the individual in his or her physical, energetic and spiritual complexity.

Universe of Forms

Our universe, characterized by form and time

Spiritual Physics hypothesizes that the field of existence is permeated by Primeval Laws. These laws meet each other in a constant variation of reciprocal flows, generating several different planes of existence, called "universes." Each universe is also called a "field of laws."
Within each universe, the Primeval Laws are no longer active, but a derivation of them is. These laws are called Derived Laws, and eight of them meet each other in a balanced equilibrium in our universe - also called the "Universe of Forms." These eight Derived Laws are:
* Synchronicity
* Sole Atom
* Divinity
* Geometric Essence
* Time Matrix
* Falling of Events
* Chaos
* Arrow of Complexity
Time originates from the interaction of these fundamental forces. The Universe of Forms is characterized by the multiplicity of forms, by their variety, the distance between one form and another, and the interaction between forms and time.
In our universe, the worlds where life is present are connected by a system of thought, information and energy flow: the Synchronic Lines, which were the subject of research by Falco Tarassaco, the founder of Damanhur, since the early years. The Synchronic Lines of the Earth form a network of eighteen main lines and countless minor lines. Damanhur and the Temples of Humankind and are built in correspondence with the intersection of four Synchronic Lines.

Time Container

Time is a natural kingdom, with many ramifications

Spiritual Physics considers time from two main viewpoints: as a sequence of events connected to each other by cause and effect, and as a "territory" where all events are present and contemporaneous, with no such law as cause and effect.
In the first case, it makes sense to think of the past-present-future as we usually do, perceived according to linear logic. In the second case, there is an "eternal present" where infinite sequences of possible events can unfold. Both assumptions lead to a number of important developments and the elaboration of complex theories about time, as well as exploration of the space-time fabric.
However, time is not simply something that passes; rather, it is an element that has specific characteristics according to the parameters of weight, density and temperature. By virtue of these characteristics, time is a "container of events" which, combined with space, makes the unfolding of events possible.
In Spiritual Physics, time is considered as a natural kingdom. Alongside the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms, a "time kingdom" exists as an intelligent ecosystem that interacts with the space kingdoms according to specific laws. In the time kingdom, different parallel time branches develop, areas where time flows in different ways. It is possible to know about and work on the time kingdom thanks to the technology of "time seeds," whose "cultivation" makes it possible to orient the flow of events, initiate new sequences and modify the effects of the past on the present. It is even possible to hypothesize a theory about time travel, a challenge that has always excited Damanhurian researchers.

The Soul Structure

We are complex beings who exist on different planes

According to Spiritual Physics, human beings exist on different planes: physical, energetic and spiritual. Near the physical body is a complex subtle physiology with energy bodies, the vital aura, the system of microlines, the chakras (called "adonajba" by Damanhurians) and many other systems that are important to be aware of.
Even our soul structure is a complex reality. Many personalities coexists inside of us, which each express themselves with their own characters, viewpoints, needs, passions and idiosyncrasies, just like real individuals. It's a kind of internal micro-community that needs to find an agreement, a harmony amongst its diverse parts, so that we can live our lives with serenity and equilibrium!
Every human being also has a divine spark, a derivation of the spiritual nature that is common to every life form in the universe. This makes the human a bridge-being, capable of bringing the material ream closer to the spiritual realm. Become intimately aware of our own divine spark means to carry out an evolutionary pathway.
At the moment of death, while the physical and energy bodies are dissolved, the soul structure persists and reaches the Threshold, a dimension in the absence of time where the different personalities await the opportunity for a new incarnation.
"Enlightenment" and "Metamorphosis" are the goals of human beings on our path to reawakening and awareness of our role in the universe.

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