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Temple of Peoples

The expression of the entire human race

Falco Tarassaco has repeatedly spoken of the Temple of Peoples project. 
"This project will be an expression of the entire human race, just as we intended with the Temples of Humankind. In the Temple of Peoples, shamans and representatives of peoples will meet, those who have real contact with their people, in order to experiment with human and emotional alchemical combinations. 
To prevent the disappearance of the peoples, each group needs to be able to imagine having an artistic, historical, linguistic, cultural and territorial continuity. With peoples who are the most geographically distant from us, we will propose trading artifacts or seeds to cultivate on their lands, because here, in the West, they could not grow. 
It will be important to have ideas and the right inspiration, and then they can do even more, including being able to conserve their divinities, their spiritual representations. 
Everything is to be invented together, with a lot of imagination. 
It will be interesting to gradually have spaces of exchange among peoples, because each one will have characteristics and interests that could become shared, facilitating mutual understanding. In this way, we will create an energy field capable of moving toward the union of many diversities, seeking solutions and not impositions. This is one of the objectives for cultural identification in the theater space that we want to build in the Temple, and in the spaces for music or in the library. We dream of an environment immersed in the beauty of art, where we may host the representatives of peoples, international organizations and even statesmen and politicians interested in meeting together to find points of concurrence."

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