Spiritual Vision

Rebirth of the consciousness of your divine spark

The Path to Spiritual Freedom

Eight steps toward enlightnment

The Path to Spiritual Freedom, which was created according to the message of Falco Tarassaco, is an opportunity to explore a pathway of spirituality and knowledge of the self, to connect to the divine energy of the universe and to move toward happiness. It is a Path of secular meditations about the nature of life and humanity, with the intention of supporting every participant in being free to define their own philosophy of life and to follow it with coherence and joy.
 The Path to Spiritual Freedom is a form of meditation to regain the mystical feeling of being alive that characterizes us as human beings.

"Being alive" means feeling as if you are part of a grand ecosystem in which all living forces coexist, both visible and invisible ones, from bacteria to the great intelligent beings that classical traditions call "divinities." It is a journey that moves toward the reawakening of human beings animated by positive thinking, sensitivity, openness towards others, and who are at peace with themselves. 
In Falco's teachings, personal reawakening comes about through the collective dimension as the best way to develop one's own individuality. Everyone has an individual destiny that includes developing their own talents and dreams, and this can only take place through profound interaction with others, through exchange, discussion and collaboration.
 "Truth," says Falco Tarassaco, "is a crystal with a thousand faces. Each face reflects what is real in a different but authentic way." By choosing the face of the crystal that resonates the most, everyone may seek the Truth through it.

Along the Path to Spiritual Freedom, starting from the face of the crystal represented by the Damanhur school of thought, you may share experiences and discoveries, and everyone may seek their own truth, their own evolutionary path, and the mission that life has in store for them. 
The path consists of eight foundational meditations to be experienced as a group, together with Damanhurians instructors. Each meditation is carried out over the course of two to three days together, in the cities of the world where the Path to Spiritual Freedom has been established.
 Locations for the Path to Spiritual Freedom can be in any place, in any country of the world.

Those who feel called to participate may contact the Damanhur School of Meditation to organize a group. Once there is a group ready, Damanhurians instructors will be available to come for the first meditation. 
Once the foundational Path has been completed, the meditations may be repeated in different places with different instructors, and they may touch upon themes that are different from the first eight meditations, depending on the suggestions of the participants and the experience of the instructors. 
Each meditation is inspired by the values represented by one of the halls of the Temples of Humankind. For those who can take a trip to Damanhur, one of the eight foundational meditations is held directly within the Temples, although it is also possible for everyone to participate in the cities hosting the Path. 
At the end of the eight foundational meditations, once they have all been carried out—and this does not necessarily happen for everyone at the same time, because everyone can set the rhythm of their own Path as it suits them, even participating in different groups—each person is activated with a first level of contact with forces of the spiritual ecosystem that are allied with humanity and will have access to a simple personal ritual, according to the experience of the Damanhur School of Meditation. 
After that, each person may repeat the eight meditations again, with instructors and groups in different cities, or suggest new ones, or live their lives with the light of what they have learned on the Path. The Damanhur school of thought is always available as a spiritual reference point for all those who would benefit from it.


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