Spiritual Vision

Rebirth of the consciousness of your divine spark


The harmonious relationship among all the divine forces

The Triad is the name given to the state of harmony among all divine forces of the planet. The name Triad originates from the Damanhurian belief that each divine force is made of three main sources: energy, will and knowledge. The divinities are entities that can interact with universal laws with great influence. Throughout human history, people have attempted to connect with (and have succeeded in contacting) these forces by developing religions, rituals and pantheons of divinities, many of which still exist today. In the Triad concept, divine forces that are friendly with humanity are brought together in a single, large entity that contains, receives and gives back inspiration and thought. Many Damanhur ritual celebrations mention the Triad as an element of connection and communication between our dimension and the laws regulating life in the universe.

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