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mag000024MThe synchronic lines are energy channels that flow through our Planet and connect it to the Universe.




The Synchronic Lines are great rivers of energy which connect all the planets of this Universe having any form of life: they flow round our Planet through a network composed of nine major vertical lines, i.e. with a North-South direction, and nine horizontal lines, with an East-West direction.The Synchronic Lines transport thoughts and ideas, and through them it is possible to connect to any point whatsoever on the Planet.

Damanhur, and in particular the Temples of Humankind, have arisen where four of these major lines cross as they follow their flowing into the inner Earth. The maps used to represent the synchronic lines have been achieved by a group of Damanhurian researchers, together with Oberto Airaudi.


The synchronic lines were identified through physical journeys around the world, through the observation of physical phenomena happening close to where the lines surface, with regard to the climate and the morphology of the landscape, by observing historical events concentrated in some areas (political centres, cult centres, trade routes, scientific discoveries) and by means of mediumistic methods.

For anyone wishing to know more, it is possible to consult the book on the Synchronic Lines published by ValRa.

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