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Nearly 500 participants, Damanhurians and guests from all over the world, were present for the Autumn Equinox celebration. A vibrant party followed the main ritual, with nucleo communities, the Damanhur School and Damanhur Centers presenting their activities and products with stands throughout Damjl.


The playful science fiction theatre piece Nanomacchine was back on stage for the second episode in the saga, directed by Unicorno. The Nano-machines find themselves face to face with new challenges in the musical play, consulting “Computer Osseo,” a character skillfully and energetically interpreted by Ape Soja. New Damanhurian actors joined the seasoned ones, and sound, light and lasers set the stage for the show, which culminated in a dance party with audience participation.


A sold-out concert was given in the Hall of Mirrors of the Temples of Humankind for guests and Damanhurians. Traditional Damanhurian music was played by Gufo (voice, guitar, flute and percussion), Cigno (keyboard), and Albatros (guitar and cello), while Ara offered many graceful Sacred Dance performances in the center of the hall. Both music and dance profoundly moved the audience. This experimental concert was the first of a new opportunity that intends to convey the spirituality of Damanhur though the arts and traditional music.



Damanhur representatives traveled to Rome, bringing energy, excitement and news to the public at the Holistic City Festival, organized by Conacreis.

The theme of the festival was “Environmental crisis and economic recession: proposals by social advancement associations and ecovillages to construct a sustainable world.” Roundtable talks touched on the following themes: holistic disciplines, Cultural Creatives for a more ethical and conscious world, with an intervention given by Ervin Laszlo, ecovillages and cohousing, and the development of local economies and organic agriculture.

During the festival, Damanhur presented the new display of the Temples of Humankind. Damanhur made many fruitful contacts, including a notable sociologist Enrico Cheli.



Julia traveled to Florence where she gave a presentation at the Botanical Garden. The event was attended by a large and enthusiastic group of over 200 people, including President of the Region of Tuscany, Claudio Martini. Julia incited much emotion while touching on themes related to her experience of living in the sequoia tree, emphasizing the importance of the connection between human beings and nature.


tempio_acquaSan Francisco Global Getaways Examiner
9 September 2009
by Lisa Alpine


"Rejuvenation can be found at the Federation of Damanhur, a spiritual art community dedicated as a "laboratory for the future of humanity." It is in the northern foothills near Turin where I spent four days during my last trip to Italy. Guests interested in spiritual renewal come to visit for 1/2 day to a week and include many famous folks like Sting and Julia Butterfly Hill.

What drew me to stay at Damanhur were stories of an underground Temple of Humankind carved by hand out of the rock. Rich in mosaics, glass, painting and sculpture, with the largest Tiffany cupola in the world, it's the result of over thirty years of work, begun in secret and revealed to the public in 1991. But what is most interesting is how a large, cohesive community has sprung from this work..."

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Milena, Alissa & Julia presenting with Esperide translating

Julia Butterfly Hill, the acclaimed environmental activist known for living in Luna – an old-growth redwood tree in California – came to Damanhur for her second visit. Her presentation began with Music of the Plants, Ara’s Sacred Dance, and Macaco’s etheric singing. Julia appreciated the beautiful and grounding opening to the event. Julia unveiled the What’s Your Tree project, along with Milena, the Italian coordinator for the program, and Alissa, the National Team Leader in the US.


Julia_loveWhy did you choose Damanhur as the place to launch What’s Your Tree in Italy?

I believe that many Damanhurians have ‘found their tree.’ They know what their dreams are and are actively realizing them.

I’ve been to many, many communities all over the world. Often I find that those who want to create communities are spiritual and creative, although not grounded, and those who are grounded are not always open to spiritual and creative processes. The first time I came here, I was struck by the equilibrium of the spiritual and material, that both sides of this dichotomy are strongly present here. Damanhur has created a system for the individual to flourish and discover his or her gifts, and also to use these gifts as a contribution to the larger community as service to others.


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The Damanhurian New Year begins on September 1, so we celebrated New Year’s Eve on August 31, welcoming in the 35th year in Damanhurian calendar. September 1 corresponds with the date when the first Damanhur newspaper was published and also the ancient Egyptian New Year. Damanhurians and guests came together in Damjl on the last evening of the year for the Ritual of the Cornucopia in the Amphitheatre. Then, everyone lit a candle and placed it in the Stellar Falcon, chanting together.



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