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  • Selfic booths

  • These facilities are among the most advanced wellness technologies currently available in Damanhur. The Cabins work with selfica's intelligent energy technology, and connect it to advanced time research and its operation. Selfic intervention generates temporary temporal plans for the organs or for the whole body, in which a healthier version of the person can be merged with the current one. In this way it is possible to tap into the intelligence of our body and the regenerative capacity of our brain, which are not tied to the principle of cause and effect. Selfic treatments, especially with structures of such complexity, affect both the organs and the parts of our psyche that connect to them. As in Chinese medicine, the Damanhurian approach to health recognizes that every major organ in the human body has a memory and a vibrational field attached to it. To heal we must harmonize that field, transform the harmful and / or traumatic memories not only of the person, but also those deposited in our organs. Selfica is an energy technology capable of re-harmonizing the subtle structure of each organ, creating channels of balanced and effective communication within the entire body-system. The spiritual goal of this technology, to which Falco, the late founder of Damanhur, has dedicated decades of work and experimentation, is to extend the time in life when we are healthy and full of energy to fulfill our soul's mission. The same structures, with different programming, are used in Damanhur for the activation and / or reinforcement of special faculties.


    Treatment for biological time synchronization

    Life in contemporary society rarely allows you to follow natural rhythms. Artificial light and aerial flight, for example, are two common disturbances that have an effect on our endocrine system, affecting the natural time cycles of our body and our organs. This treatment harmonizes the biological clocks of the main organs of the body: heart, lungs, liver, kidneys. This realignment is accompanied by an increase in the functioning of each specific organ, which can also lead to a strengthening of the immune system. On many occasions a preventive effect has been noted, as well as a positive effect on the person's mood. The session includes a first standing scan by the cabin, to determine the individual's optimal attainable health status. The procedure then continues by lying down on a massage table under the Selfica structure. Based on the previous evaluation, the Selfica structure modulates the type of energy the organism needs to realign its biological clock. The effect of the treatment lasts for one year and can be repeated. To continue later, you can use different bracelets or Selfici devices.

    Rejuvenation treatment

    This treatment promotes anti-aging effects on the whole body and acts simultaneously on multiple levels: skin and muscle tone, internal organ functions, joint flexibility and bone density. It has an action on the hormonal systems and is particularly useful in the stages before and after menopause. Also for men it supports a balanced hormonal changes in aging. As energy informs matter, so our thinking creates our reality. Our subconscious normally contains thoughts and beliefs that come to us from the early stages of our life, which make us consider aging and decay as a normal part of life. Aging is a collective habit, supported by a common belief that it is inevitable. The intelligent action of this Selfica structure helps to change brain frequencies and disrupts harmful neural pathways. The wisdom gained from experiences remains, while negative thoughts related to aging are attenuated, so that a more youthful natural behavior resurfaces. The "programming" of the action Selfica is modulated in a different way according to the needs of each person. This is also visible in the amount and speed with which a special alchemical liquid used to activate the session is consumed. In some cases it evaporates completely, in others only a part is used. The Selfica part of the session, which includes three phases, both standing up and on a massage table, is followed by a physical and energetic treatment for cell regeneration. The effect of the treatment reaches its maximum effectiveness in the first 4-6 months and remains active for a year. If you want to speed up the rejuvenation process, you can do more sessions in one year. To continue later you can use a Dream Self with special programming.

    Selfica and Pranoselfica are fields of empirical research developed through the experiments conducted by the Damanhurians.
    In the field of psycho-physical well-being, their use does not constitute medical treatment and is not a substitute for medical treatment.
    Medical Disclaimer

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