About the event

The Oracle rite is one of the most important celebrations of Damanhur, which takes place every month in conjunction with the full moon. The term Oracle refers to a group of Divine Forces, which also includes all the Oracles of antiquity which can thus, integrated with the Forces of the third millennium, once again play their role for humanity.

The Oracle is a chance for you to get in touch with these Forces and interpret personal messages directed to you, as well as hearing the message for everyone. Individuals and groups from around the world have questioned this precious source of inspiration and insight, receiving guidance for their own spiritual growth. To ask a question you can ask information at welcome@damanhur.org.

The Oracle of Damanhur can be consulted by all those who wish to take advantage of this possibility for their personal and spiritual growth.

For more information welcome@damanhur.org



To participate, you must have made a visit to Damjl and have basic information. If you wish to ask the Oracle a question, contact the Welcome Office for detailed information.


The dates of the ceremony are communicated well in advance, but it can happen that they are brought forward or postponed even at the last minute, given the fluid nature of the Oracle and the full moon. In this case, all those who have reported their presence will be contacted as soon as possible.


Via Pramarzo 3, 10080 Baldissero Canavese Turin, Italy


Via Pramarzo 3, 10080 Baldissero Canavese Turin, Italy

  • https://welcome.damanhur.org/it/visit/rito-dell-oracolo

  • +39 320 4824427

  • welcome@damanhur.org